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May 29, 2020

COVID-19 Information

FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020

This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Friday, May 29.

So today is a lot like yesterday with a count of nine new cases of Coronavirus which in April would have been an amazingly low number that we would have cheered but today our excitement is lessened because of our last two weeks have been so low.

Still, when we look at the bigger picture, with two days left in May we have 258 cases this month while in April we had 1,169. From that perspective, a day with the number of new cases in single digits is a day we should be thankful for.
There are three new deaths of Woodbridge residents to report with an additional death at a State facility and none at St. Joseph’s. Let’s keep all those who passed and all those who are still ill in our thoughts and prayers.

Today is a day to thank the entire community of Woodbridge businesses and residents who answered the call to help our We Feed Woodbridge coalition of 11 food pantries and a soup kitchen. We have eclipsed our new goal for fundraising with over $102,000 in monetary donations plus thousands of pounds of food.

National reports indicate that as many as one in five children suffer from food deprivation and we have a 33% increase in utilization of our food pantries but in Woodbridge we have the resources to help anyone in need thanks to your generosity and efforts. There are a lot of good towns around but only The Best Town Around can raise that kind of money for people in need in just six weeks. Thank you to everyone involved.

A special shout out to the PTO Presidents’ Council of Woodbridge who provided $4,000 in scholarships to high school seniors with funds raised from the Woodbridge Township Education Association, local PTO groups, the Board of Education and private citizens and businesses.

Please keep following the guidelines and wear masks, stay six feet apart from others and practice good personal hygiene. Remember the rules about gathering outdoors in groups of less than 25 and please check on your homebound neighbors.

The State, County and Township web sites are filled with information if you have any questions about Covid19 and our web site and Facebook pages plus our Woodbridge Library web site also have plenty of information to keep you entertained.

So have you seen the new sign at Wegman’s and Shop Rite?
1. Customers must wear masks.
2. Don’t touch the vegetables without gloves.
3. Take lettuce from the top of the stack or heads will roll.

We will be skipping our daily announcement tomorrow and Sunday and we will be back on Monday so we hope everyone has a terrific weekend and let’s hope Monday’s report of weekend activity is a good one.

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