Principal For a Day Program


"Principal for a Day" is an innovate partnership created to foster relationships between business and the educational community in Woodbridge Township. "Principal for a Day" provides business leaders with a "behind-the-scenes" look at the quality of our schools and the caliber of education. Business leaders, in turn, have the opportunity to share with our principals and educators, the different types of skills students need to be successful in the work force.

Student Access to Business Personnel & Programs

The active involvement of our business community in our schools sets an important example for our students, and provides access to leaders who can serve as helpful resources and mentors. As a result of "Principal for a Day," visiting business leaders along with their corresponding Principals, discuss programs or initiatives that might encourage more sustained involvement or interaction. Business representatives are encouraged to discuss with their Principal the possibility of mentoring students, hosting a field trip, facilitating an afterschool club, participating in a career day, sponsoring a school program that aligns with business goals, or making a monetary donation to support specific project or technology needs.

If, as a member of the business community, you'd like to learn how to get involved in the "Principal for a Day" Program, please contact the MAC-E Chairperson, Bernadette Sohler at 732-638-7549. Or, to learn more about the educator side of the program, please contact Dr. Robert Zega, Superintendent, Woodbridge Township School District at 732-602-8472.

View the schools, principals, and business leaders that participated in the 2013 Principal For A Day program (PDF).