Nominations Wanted


After a 14 year absence, the Woodbridge Township Athletic Alumni Association (WTAAA) has reorganized. The following people were selected as officers:
  • Nick Sardone, president
  • Sandy Schmidtke, vice-president
  • Ann Cyrana and Jennifer Sheedy, co-secretaries
  • Greg Ficarra and Sandy Schmidtke, co-treasurers

The WTAAA is looking forward to the next hall of fame induction dinner in conjunction with the new high school football season.


The purpose of the WTAAA is to identify and honor outstanding individuals and teams for their athletic excellence and to provide subsequent positive publicity and recognition for representing Woodbridge Township. It is the hope of the WTAAA that honorees will serve as an inspiration for current Woodbridge Township student athletes.


To be eligible for hall of fame nomination, candidates must have graduated a Woodbridge Township High School at least 20 years ago. All graduating classes, 1995 and earlier, are eligible for consideration this spring for the September, 2015, induction dinner. Coaches must be retired from coaching their primary sport for at least five years. Documentation such as press clippings, college media guide data ,etc. should be attached to the nomination form. The WTAAA will consider criteria such as high school all American, all state -all groups, all county-all area, school milestones, MCT / GMC district, region champions in wrestling, MCT/GMC county, sectional ,state track and field winners , "player of the year," collegiate attainment ,professional achievement, and national /world level accomplishment. Non local high school sports such as weightlifting, fencing, boxing, archery and cycling will, also, be considered. Championships teams can ,also, be nominated. All nomination forms are due by May 1.


Nomination forms (PDF) may be returned to Woodbridge Township Athletics Alumni Association c/o Woodbridge Recreation Department:
600 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ, 07075

Print version hard copy forms are available at the three high schools in the main office and the athletic director's office as well as the main desk at Woodbridge Community Center. Nominations may also be forwarded electronically.

The WTAAA held annual hall of fame induction dinners from 1989 - 2000. Please refer to the attached list of previous inductees. Woodbridge has the most inductees because the school has had an athletics program since the 1920s. The WTAAA is hopeful that plaques will eventually be displayed at the three high schools with the names of their individual representatives and an entire WTAAA Hall of Fame plaque will be displayed at the Woodbridge Community Center.